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Subterranean, diptych - SOLD

Oil on Canvas, 48 X 120 Inches
Mr. and Mrs Phillip Resnick, Woodfield Lexus, Schaumburg, IL

"It becomes clear after viewing her work for long stretches that ephemerality and the fleetingness of time and events is at the center of her concerns." Nahas 2009


MICHAEL: New Mexico also strikes me as a very spiritual place.  Would you say your work comes from a spiritual place or is it more intellectual or emotional?

SHARON: Yes, I would say my work does come from a spiritual place. I've always believed for me, spirit comes first and then all else is after that. I also think the conception of the idea can come from a spiritual place.  I could say the idea came from "out of the blue," but that "blue" can be termed spiritual as well. I can only speak for myself here, but I also think that art is a spiritual journey.